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What is your bio / story? I am a 29-year-old real estate entrepreneur from Indianapolis, on a mission to democratize real estate investing. Armed with a mathematical sciences degree from Indiana University, I have been working on a couple of projects to break barriers and make real estate accessible to all. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, I streamlined investment processes, inviting a diverse audience to participate. My dedication to transparency and education have made me a thought leader in the industry. Beyond profits, I actively support affordable housing initiatives, driving positive social change. I consider myself a humble soul, and I cherish time with loved ones and explore nature, nurturing my creativity.

My impact on the real estate landscape continues to inspire a new generation of change-makers.

What is your “superpower?

This is a great question but to be honest, I am not 100% sure. Ultimately, I believe my drive and determination to create positive change in the real estate industry and make a lasting impact on the lives of many could be considered a superpower.

Please tell us about your experience at #BOUT THAT WEB3 @ VeeCon '23

I had an amazing experience at VeeCon 2023 with the #BOUTTHATWEB3 Community! The energy and enthusiasm were contagious, and I felt truly welcomed into a supportive and innovative network of like-minded individuals.

The insights shared during the event were mind-blowing, and I've gained a deeper understanding of the potential of Web3 technologies.

I am excited to stay connected and continue exploring this transformative space together! S/o to Marshawn Lynch and his foundation for the sponsorship!

Why do you feel diversity & inclusion is important to the future of web3 and the blockchain? Diversity & inclusion are vital for Web3 & blockchain's future. They foster innovation, broader adoption & ethical development. Inclusive teams encourage collaboration & creativity, leading to groundbreaking solutions for a diverse user base. Embracing diversity ensures accessibility & relevance for people worldwide, driving widespread adoption. Inclusive practices promote ethical decision-making, respecting individual rights & privacy. Trust & credibility are gained from users, while resilience is built to face challenges. It avoids biased tech & unlocks new market opportunities, fostering economic growth.

Empowering marginalized communities, drives social impact & sustainable development.

Who or what inspires you to be the best version of yourself? Outside of my parents, the moves of individuals like Anthony Murdock, Jay-Z, Nipsey Hussle & Curren$y inspire me to be the best version of myself.

What project(s) are you working on that you would like to tell everyone about? I launched an NFT project via the lazy mint process through OpenSea in 2021 that was unfortunately delisted, but, luckily, I was tracking all of my community members from the beginning and was able to launch a V2 of the project. The LNDLRD™ Brand is a Web 3.0 brand and from the sale of V1 tokens, we were able to purchase a 20-foot shipping container that we are working on is also in the plan to create a limited run of exclusive physical products for token holders in the near future! 👀 Additionally, my main focus lately has been building Ardhio, a digital platform for fractional ownership in real estate. We have acquired our first project privately with a few investors as proof of concept, and, we are currently working on the compliance side to open the platform up to more investors, both accredited and non-accredited.

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